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Billy Fireflies John Elk-Baptiste

Billy Fireflies

John Elk-Baptiste

Published July 14th 2012
Enter the sum

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Dont you understand, Billy? Youre not real. Youre just not.Am.No. You are not!He would never be reasoned with. She would look away from him. Maybe then he would behave sensibly or just leave. She looked up into the highest leafy branches of the big cedar tree and imagined that way up there, she could see a nest. It could be so... She hummed tunelessly, emulating the way her mother sounded, when doing chores. She would bide her time. After several moments passed, she turned back too see if he was still there. And, naturally, he was. Foolish boy. He might never learn. Taking hold of him by an arm, she told him, I dont know Billy. You sure are one stubborn as all get out, jiggins!